Bobrisky Is Confused Dot Com

Confused lot! Lol. Bobrisky posted photos of himself saying, he is glad he isn’t a woman because he won’t stay in one man’s house. Then shortly afterwards made a post saying he is sitting pretty in his living room waiting for bae to come with his red ferrari.Mind you our HE here’s supposed to be SHE, but we REFUSE to address him as one. No we won’t.

1st post: I can dance fire 🔥. Thank God say i no be woman I swear I won’t stay in one man house 🏡😂😂😂😂😂 my husband will be beating me everytime cos me I love that tin a lot o

2nd post: Wow fine girl sitting pretty in my luxurious sitting room. I’m waiting for my love to come pick me up with a red Ferrari we are going on far as my baby love me I care less about HATERS cos no one is paying my bills.

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