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Flavour, Sandra Okagbue, Daughter Gabrielle Munachim Okoli In Matching Outfits

Ever since music star Flavour and his former beauty queen second baby mama, Anna Banner broke up, there have been rumors that Flavour and his first baby mama, Sandra Okagbue got married secretly which led to his break up with Anna. Even though Flavour has shut down those rumors, they tend to still linger around especially owing to the fact that Flavour and Sandra seem always to be in the same location whenever he travels abroad, the last being Flavors appearance at the One Festival in New York.

Now, it seems Sandra is tired of hiding and has shown to the world that indeed, she is married to Flavor. Sandra, who is also a former beauty queen, today took to her Instagram page to celebrate her and Flavour’s daughter, Muna’s 3rd birthday and she shared series of photos but one stood out among the others, and it is the picture of her, Flavour and their daughter Muna wearing uniform color OF clothing. In the picture, you can see Flavour’s hand resting on Sandra’s shoulders.

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