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Pretty, sultry and fast rising Yoruba actress, Habibat Oluwashola Jinadu popularly known as Omo Jinad who joined the make believe industry about 10 years ago has bared it all saying, ‘there’s no such thing as sexual harassment in Nollywood especially the Yoruba speaking genre and that some upcoming actors are extremely rude. According to her, sexual relationship is a concentual issue between actors and they are not unnecessarily victimized or forced to venture into it for movie roles.

In this exclusive interview with Rotor Koncepts, Omojinad intimated us with her background, family, career, future endeavours and the state of movie productions in Nigeria.

Here are some of the excerpts:  Related image

ROTOR KONCEPTS:  Can we get to meet you?

OMOJINAD: My name is Habibat Oluwashola Jinadu  a.k.a Omojinad. I am an actor, movie producer and a TV host. Although I was born in Kano, I actually hail from Abeokuta, Ogun state. Ultimately, I am a mother of one. A very gentle, homely and trouble free human being, I stay indoor most of the time. Even until now, I try to avoid anything trouble as much as I can.

ROTOR KONCEPTS:  Tell us about your educational background

OMOJINAD: My academic pursuit started at a private school in Kano before my family relocated to Abeokuta whereby I had to proceed to a public school, N.U.D primary school. I had my secondary school education at State high School, Alimosho, Iyana Ipaja, and then I proceeded to a catering school. By the grace of God, I intend to further my education very soon.

ROTOR KONCEPTS:  So, from catering school, how and when did you come about acting?

OMOJINAD: Well, acting came so easily for me. I can even say I have been acting right from my mother’s womb (laughs).  Anyway, I started acting in 2007 but joined the movie industry in 2008. However, professionally it was in the year 2010 after graduating from Double A’A entertainments of Mr Abiodun Afeez Owo. So let us say I have been in the industry for 10 years now.

ROTOR KONCEPTS: Tell us about the first movie you featured in, the title and when it was produced?

OMOJINAD: The first movie I featured in was ALABORUN, produced by Mr Afeez Owo in the year 2008. I took a minor role though (waka pass). I appeared in just one scene without saying a word in the court. However, from that first time until now, I have lost count of the number of movies I have featured. I cannot even remember them all. God has been so gracious to me in that regards.

ROTOR KONCEPTS Have you  produced any movie?

OMOJINAD:  Yes. I have four movies to my credit. The first is titled ‘OMOKOMO’, then ‘IKULOKUNRIN’ after which I produced ‘ANJOLA’. My latest effort is titled ‘OBA MEJI’ which is yet to hit the market.

ROTOR KONCEPTS: Who are your three favourite actors and actresses that you enjoy working with the most?

OMOJINAD: For the actresses, I actually love working with them all. Although some are quite strict and unfriendly. However, Ayo Adesanya is my No. 1 favourite actress. She is friendly and at the same time an easy-going person. Fausat Balogun aka Madam Saje is my 2nd favourite. She is so down to earth, very respectful and calm. My third would be Dolapo Orisajobi. I love her so much; she is one actress I would love to work with over and over again. Whenever we are opportune to be on set together, she’s always putting me through whatever I don’t understand with a smile. She’s very humble and playful. I have worked alongside several actors, they’re all good in their different perspectives. Among the few that are outstanding for me are: Odunlade Adekola, he is very nice man and always want to get the best out of you on set. My No 2 favourite actor is Ibrahim Chatta, very humble, calm, playful and he is always willing to help you go deep in the character you’re playing. My 3rd best is Gabriel Afolayan; he’s very down to earth, and one of the best actors in the industry. I would love to work with him forever.

ROTOR KONCEPTSWho are your role models within and outside the movie industry?

OMOJINAD:  I have quite a number of them and they include: Oprah Winfrey, Omotola Jolade Ekeinde, Genevieve Nnaji, Christiane Amapour (CNN) Nana Patekar (Indian actor) and so on.

ROTOR KONCEPTS. Talk us through your happiest moment in the industry

OMOJINAD:  My happiest moment was when I got my first Award. I have three different awards for excellence and several nominations. They all mean a lot to me and I thank God for everything.

ROTOR KONCEPTS Have you had any sad moments or occasion since you joined the movie industry?

OMOJINAD: I have had o. In fact, they are countless. One of such was what happened earlier this year 2018. The experience made me cry for a very long time before I could move on. Just imagine a producer called me to come and work for him and he narrated the storyline to me on phone, which I was looking forward to be a part. On getting to the movie location, the director already called another acttress for the same role I was scheduled to take up. I was with them on the movie set for two whole days with the assurance that I was going to work which never happened. That was a big slap on my face I felt so bad about it. Another is the issue of some actresses that display some sort of attitude by expecting me to call them Aunty, just because I am not plus sized. For all you care, I may even be older than they may be or we could be of same age.

ROTOR KONCEPTS: The issue of show me respect and call me Aunty is becoming quite alarming in the Industry, how have you been coping and do you demand such from the upcoming actors as well?

OMO JINAD: Lolzz, to me respect is reciprocal even if you’re my junior in the industry and I’m older than you in age, I would still respect you. I don’t force people to respect me but I hate being disrespected. I can call anybody Aunty or Uncle but if you don’t honour me back then I would leave your side. Some up-coming actors are extremely rude and disrespectful, that’s why I don’t mingle with anyhow people. I have my personal people I roll with.habibat jinad loses baby daddy

ROTOR KONCEPTS: People say so much about the prevalence of sexual harassment in the industry, have you ever been a victim?

OMOJINAD: No, I have never fallen victim before. It’s normal that there could be attractions here and there between actors, but it should be properly managed. For example, if anyone likes me and asks me out, if I do not like such person, I tell him immediately that I’m not interested. So for me, there’s nothing like sexual harassment

ROTOR KONCEPTS: Let us deviate a little. So what is your view on sex before marriage?

OMOJINAD:  Rotor please, I do not want to answer this particular question again.

ROTOR KONCEPTS: Why? Or maybe I should be more explicit. Can you marry someone that cannot satisfy you in bed but loves you and ready to take care of you?

OMO JINAD: Yes! I can marry him as long as he is caring and loving.

ROTOR KONCEPTS: Asides acting, what else do you do?

OMO JINAD: I am also a caterer and a TV host; I’m planning to venture into some other lines of business very soon. So help me Lord!

ROTOR KONCEPTS: If you have the choice of meeting just one person in this world, who would that be?

OMO JINAD: Oprah Winfrey

ROTOR KONCEPTS:  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

OMO JINAD: When there is life, there is hope God owns everything. I just pray to be bigger than now, so that I can help people who are in needs.

ROTOR KONCEPTS: What message do you have for your fans?

OMO JINAD: Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement. I sincerely appreciate you all. Watch out for more movies from me as I promise you nothing but the absolute best always. I love you all, thank you!

ROTOR KONCEPTS: Thank you for your time

OMO JINAD: You’re most welcome. Thank you.

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