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Here’s Professor Aina, a former Vice Chancellor of UNAD that erected close to 26 Buildings in the University and extended exam time to accommodate SIFE/Enactus Chapter go for a national competition at the time.

And that’s me, an award winning OAP who always saw him from afar as a student, selling myself to him.

You see, I’m writing to disabuse your mind on the cliché that “the qualified never get opportunities, because the connected always deprive them”. Or the saying that ” Connections has spoilt things in Nigeria”.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to SHOUT it LOUD

Ask yourself, how qualified are you?
Are you the only first class student or brain?

Come on, wake up dear friend!

You’re not the only qualified youth.
There are even more qualified individuals than you and yet they are building networks and connections everyday so that can get that chance you’re gunning for, to blow!

Stop bad mouthing connections, start learning the principle of proper networking.
You too,connect with the right people and see if your merits won’t earn you deserved recognition.

Connections work anywhere in the world.
It’s not exclusive to Nigeria.

Recognise the truth: 🔊YOU NEED CONNECTIONS.

Oya, dust off your tears and bad belle and start pressing those bottons now.
Attend those Conferences/Seminars/Trainings, especially the Expensive ones with huge guest speakers, attend them, sell yourself and thank me later 😉.

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