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Singer Simi So Embarrassed As American TV Host Mocks Buhari, Nigeria Over Clone Rumor 

“We Don’t Deserve This” – Popular Nigerian Singer Cries Out After American TV Mocked Buhari For Being a Clone(Video)

By Wisdom Nwedene

Popular Nigerian Singer, Simi has reacted after American TV Host, Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Muhammad Buhari for being a clone.

Recall that for a while now, there had been allegations that after President Muhammadu Buhari arrived from a medical vacation, he was cloned by a “Jibril from Sudan”.

Rumours have been circulating that the President was cloned and that the man who is presiding over the affairs of the country is one Jibril from either Sudan or Chad.

Apparently, the allegations gained international media attention and popular talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel made a joke out of it in his recent show where he insinuates that the president is actually cloned.

A video of a segment of him pouncing on the President was shared on Twitter with the caption,

Is Nigerian President @MBuhari a clone

Nigerian singing sensation, Simi, upon seeing the video was appalled by it and quoted it saying Nigerians don’t deserve the embarrassment.

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