Oil Money Should Be Used To Develop Nigeria – ADP’s Yabagi Sani

Mr Yabagi Sani, the Action Democratic Party (ADP) presidential candidate, has experessed the need to use Nigeria’s oil revenue to develop the nation.

Sani made the remark on Wednesday during a meeting between the leadership and candidates of the ADP in Abuja.

The candidate, who also spoke on the need for change as the party had a lot to work with, said if necessary things were put in place monies from crude oil could be used to develop many areas.

He said this was possible because Nigeria was six largest producer of crude oil in the world and number three in gas production.

“We can not be this rich with all the human resources that surround us and be lacking.

“We are sitting under the equator where we should be number one manufacturer of solar energy.

“We have crude oil, fertile land for agriculture and other mineral resources.

“But people are allowing others to come and harvest our minerals,without exchange,”he said.

On the party’s campaign, he said that all contestants needed to meet with the ADP leadership to strategise toward the forthcoming coming general election.

“We are synergising our efforts to make sure that we are on the same page both from our campaign strategy to how we can make our money go long way.

“So that each individual is not repeating what we can put together and drive down cost.

“We are also planning and giving out the deadlines as submitted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), letting people know and also those that need their forms to be accurately filled,” he said.

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