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Every month, women face the problem like periods. While having menstrual periods, woman can experience a number of disorders such as sweating, bloating, fatigue, lethargy, tenderness of breasts, mood swings, and back pain. What’s more, woman’s mental state is changing too.
Unfortunately, you cannot alleviate these period symptoms. You can only change your habits and nutrition, which also affect the condition of your periods. Do you know about things that are not recommended to do during periods? What’s more, if you will avoid these things, you can ease “these days”.
In this article, you can find a list of things women had better avoid during periods. We hope that out tips will be useful for you, and you will cease hurting yourself. Read and take notes!

*Romantic Movies:*
We do not recommend you watch romantic movies during your periods. Such movies can arouse romantic feelings. The thing is, you do not need these feelings during your menstrual periods!

You can exercise during your periods by performing only simple moves. But you have to forget about hard workouts!

By eating tons of chocolates during periods, you can complicate your condition.

*Too Many Household Chores:*
Stop doing household chores during your periods. Take a rest for a few days, and then you can do everything you want!

*Bad Sleep:*
You need to sleep enough! Try to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day.

Hey, as we said before, women change their mood swings during periods. So, do not fight with your husband or anyone.

*Unnecessary Thinking:*
Just relax and don’t think of unnecessary things.

*Fast Food:*
Forget about junk food during periods. You need to stick to a healthy diet, if you do not want to have any health problems!

You shouldn’t run during your periods! Just remember, no running!

*Sitting For The Whole Day*:
Menstruation is a kind of disease. So, you need to lead a bed rest. By sitting for a long time, you can only worsen your condition.

(Written by: 
Dr Osiyemi Abosede Christiana O.
GVM Chief Gynaecologist
08037515187, 07059515354)

GVM fertility centre is a natural herbal fertility centre with notable unusual expertise in natural herbs for infertility treatments without any surgical operation for age range of between 40 to 75 years. At GVM all sort of infertility ailments are treated. We are specialist in natural fertility and IVF treatment.

We treat all type of infertility cases with natural herbs and modern diagnostic machines. We dissolve fibroids and tube blockage without any surgical operation no matter the size. Our IVF treatment has over 90% success guaranteed.

At GVM fertility centre, there has been series of women of ages between 47, 55 and 64 whom got delivered and healed from infertility ailments, conceived and delivered safely after treatment without any surgical operation. Also with men of ages ranging between 40, 50 and 73 who by Gods grace got treated and healed from low/no sperm count at all, weak erection and the likes.

Age has never been a barrier in both males and in females at GVM Fertility Centre, because God is our healer.

For any issue regarding infertility in both male and female. Infertility Diseases like;
– Fibroid treated without operation
– Female fertility treatment
– Male fertility treatment
– No sperm at all treatment
– Low sperm count treatment
– Ovarian cyst treatment
– Blocked tube treatment (female)
– No menses correction and treatment
– Endomentrous
– Weak erection without operation
– Hypertension and stroke
– Infection treatment
– Ann ovulation
– Endocrine
– Endometriosis
– Detoxification
– No egg treatment (female)
– Base kit
– Herbal soap
– Irregular menses
– Scan
– Blood group check 
– Sperm count and culture
– Genotype
– Urine culture
– Fasting blood sugar test
– Random blood sugar test
– Imbalance semen
– Inaccurate semen
– Liver
– Ovulation tracking
– IVF treatment 
– And many other diseases responsible for infertility.
All these are treated without surgical operation…

Enough is enough; it’s high time you too become a parent of your own children. Visit GVM fertility Centre today and your barrenness shall become history. At GVM Fertility Centre our testifiers have been speaking for us for decades. God is our healer. Come and you shall be fruitful.

For more enquiries regarding any infertility issues, contact GVM Chief Gynaecologist (Dr Osiyemi Abosede Christiana) by dropping your enquiries on the (Dr) Whatsapp account through 08037515187 07059515354 or Call. For more details / information

Headquarter Ibadan Address: Temitope Bus Stop, Behind Total Filling Station. Old Ife Road Adegbayi Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria.

Locate and contact GVM fertility Center Lagos branch through (Dr Mercy Ogunmola Akintunde) GVM Lagos Gynaecologist on 08104977655, 07039174817(Both call and Whatsapp). For detailed enquiries on infertility issues and treatment
Lagos Address: No 7 Oladiipo Dunmoye Street, Oke Ira Nla. Langbasa Etiosa Local Government Ajah Lagos State Nigeria.

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