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Okra vegetable, also known as lady’s fingers, can be easily found and grown in Africa. It is considered to possess many medical benefits since it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is rich in iron, phosphorus, niacin, copper, and antioxidants. Okra’s nutrients are magnesium, vitamins B and C, and potassium as well. However, despite its being so nutritious, many people are still much interested in whether there are any okra benefits for men, as well as health benefits in general. Thus, let’s find out all the benefits of eating okra everyday.

The benefits of okro can be seen if consumed regularly as part of a healthy eating diet and healthy lifestyle. Here are 15 health benefits of okra. Just read and remember!

*1. Diabetes benefits:*
Since Okra is rich in Eugenol, a dietary fibre, it is known to be beneficial for men suffering from diabetes. Precisely due to this its help to normalise the blood sugar level and slow down the sugar absorption.

*2. Cholesterol reduction:*
It also has a pectin fibre, which helps to reduce the bad cholesterol level.

*3. Fibre-rich:*
Not only various fibres presented in okra are useful for diabetes and cholesterol. They also clear up the small intestines wastes, which lead to greater digestion.

*4. Antioxidants:*
The primary antioxidant presented in okra is Vitamin C alongside other antioxidants. Also, calcium, iron, manganese, and magnesium help in fighting and reducing free radicals.

*5. Best vegetable for vegans:*
If you are a vegan and looking for a plant protein, then okra is for sure your vegetable. It is rich in amino acids like in sulfur, cysteine, and tryptophan.

*6. Preventing obesity:*
It is also highly recommended for people suffering from obesity. Along with a healthy eating diet and healthy lifestyle, okra can prevent weight gain and even obesity. Because of its minimal calorie and the high fibre content.

*7. Liver cleanser:*
Okra’s fibres and antioxidants can also bind the cholesterol and bile acid to clean the liver of toxins.

*8. Skin benefits:*
Okra benefits can be seen not only inside your organism but outside also. Its nutrients prevent skin pigmentation, as well as reduce and prevent acne, psoriasis, and eliminate wrinkles also.

*9. Healthy hair:*
You may be shocked, but it is a fantastic remedy for your hair! “Why?”, – You may ask. Because it prevents itchy scalp, reduces lice, dandruff, and makes your hair shine.

*10. Healthy bones:*
It is also rich in vitamins K and C, which help to restore bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

*11. Season colds treatment:*
Okra leaves and flowers are also using a lot when curing season cols and flu, as well as more severe pneumonia and bronchitis.

*12. Asthma prevention:*
Okra’s one of the main antioxidant, vitamin C, and also the anti-inflammatory possessed properties can prevent asthma.
Furthermore, if you already have asthma, it will reduce the number of its attacks. However, in such case remember to follow your doctor’s recommendations and do not entirely replace them with okra only.

*13. Anaemia remedy:*
The presence of Vitamin K, iron and folate contents can naturally prevent anaemia since they regulate the haemoglobin level and create the red blood cells.

*14. Constipation problems:*
Okra will be also helpful for those men and women who suffer from constipation regularly. Its mucilaginous content helps to make the stool of proper consistency to facilitate this common problem.

*15. Eyesight improvement:*
The vitamin A, as well as lutein, xanthein, and carotene antioxidants can improve or maintain your eyesight. And can even protect your eyes against cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration.

As you can see, consuming okra vegetables can significantly improve both your well-being and appearance. Besides all the general benefits for men and woman, there are still some for men only! Read about them below.

Is okra good for man?
Since recently, the thoughts considering this rather important question have split up. Many doctors say that okra vegetables are full of minerals, zinc exactly, which helps to boost and maintain male fertility. As well as it is meant to treat and prevent such illnesses as gonorrhoea, syphilis, and dysuria.
Using okra vegetables can positively influence men’s sexual health. It is advised to consume okra in butter or as the root powder with milk and honey to improve men’s health and stamina.

(Written by: 
Dr Osiyemi Abosede Christiana O.
GVM Chief Gynaecologist
08037515187, 07059515354)

GVM fertility centre is a natural herbal fertility centre with notable unusual expertise in natural herbs for infertility treatments without any surgical operation for age range of between 40 to 75 years. At GVM all sort of infertility ailments are treated. We are specialist in natural fertility and IVF treatment.

We treat all type of infertility cases with natural herbs and modern diagnostic machines. We dissolve fibroids and tube blockage without any surgical operation no matter the size. Our IVF treatment has over 90% success guaranteed.

At GVM fertility centre, there has been series of women of ages between 47, 55 and 64 whom got delivered and healed from infertility ailments, conceived and delivered safely after treatment without any surgical operation. Also with men of ages ranging between 40, 50 and 73 who by Gods grace got treated and healed from low/no sperm count at all, weak erection and the likes.

Age has never been a barrier in both males and in females at GVM Fertility Centre, because God is our healer.

For any issue regarding infertility in both male and female. Infertility Diseases like;
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– Endometriosis
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– No egg treatment (female)
– Base kit
– Herbal soap
– Irregular menses
– Scan
– Blood group check 
– Sperm count and culture
– Genotype
– Urine culture
– Fasting blood sugar test
– Random blood sugar test
– Imbalance semen
– Inaccurate semen
– Liver
– Ovulation tracking
– IVF treatment 
– And many other diseases responsible for infertility.
All these are treated without surgical operation…

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