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Man Arrested For Armed Robbery – A Day After Reporting Robbers To Police

A man has regained his freedom after he was arrested following a robbery incident at his house. It was gathered that the man was attacked in his house by armed robbers in Plateau state. 

After the attack, he went to report the incident to the police the following day and his statement was taken.

According to reports, the following day after reporting the armed robbery, policemen from the same station arrested him for armed robbery. He was joined to the other two on the alleged offences of armed robbery, homicide and conspiracy.

On her way to visit her husband at the prison, leaving their only child behind, the man’s wife was knocked down by a vehicle and she died.

According to the executive Director/CEO at Legal Access Foundation, Chidi Dimgba, the Foundation represented him and Abiodun was set free. The other two begged for help, as they were innocent of the allegations but did not have the means to secure the services of a lawyer to represent them.

The Foundation extended its services to them -and they were freed as well. 

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