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Video: Quick Easy Recipe On How To Make Sweet Donuts

Quick easy recipe on how to make sweet donuts

In this recipe, you will be learning how to make donuts. You wouldn’t encounter any difficultly understanding every step stated here because Dietfitelt brings you the best going easy recipe, so enjoy the post.

Equipment used for the donut recipe

Mixing bowl

Rolling pin



Cooking spoon.

Ingredients needed for the donut recipe

3 cups of all purpose flour.

1 egg

1 tbsp of liquid vanilla flavour.

1 tbsp of active dry yeast.

1 tbsp of colour.

150ml of milk.

5 tbsp of butter.

Vegetable oil.

Donut recipe:How to make donuts(preparation)

Sieve the 242 g of all purpose floor if you like to.

Put the sieved flour in the mixing bowl.

Add the 1 and half tbsp of active dry yeast to the mixing bowl, add the 5 tbsp of sugar, 2 pinch of salt, a tbsp of color into the mixing bowl.

Add the 2 egg, 1 tbsp of liquid vanilla flavour and the milk into the bowl and mix.

After mixing the ingredients, add a little water and mix again for it to fully turn into a dough.

When done, floor your hands and cut some part of the dough then roll it into a ball to your size of choice. When done with making the round ball shape dough, begin to bore a hole at the center of the ball shaped dough to form a donuts.

When done with boring the hole, allow the donut to rise for about 20 minutes by covering it.

While the donut is rising, put a pot containing some vegetable oil and place it on the heater.

The donut should be due to fry after 20 minutes. Place them gradual in the hot oil and fry.

When done, you can apply jam on the donut to make it more tasty.

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