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Apostle Suleman’s Private Jet: “Top Bloggers Now Afraid”


Following Apostle Johnson Suleman’s threat to shut down blogs who carry fake news about pastors

It’s been 24 hours since the news of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s ownership of a private jet went viral on the internet and surprisingly top blogs like Linda Ikeji Blog, Yabaleft Online, Lailas News and others are yet to carry the news. Even Daddy Freeze an ardent critic of Pastors in Nigeria seems to have ignored the trending news.

You would recall that the fiery preacher has threatened to shut down blogs whose stock in trade is to bring down Men of God in Nigeria with their fake news and stories just to drive traffic to their blogs. Mixed reactions trailed his statement amongst bloggers and social media commenters.

He made the statement as a result of the negative report which was made against his spiritual father, Papa E.A. Adeboye and according to him it takes only 100 to 200 reports to shut down an Instagram account over any false report. I can tell just the choir to report an erring blog and the blog will be shut down, he said.

It’s obvious that top bloggers are now treading cautiously hence they have refused to blog the news of his ownership of a private jet since they don’t know how it came about. Pastors in Nigeria have been subjected to ridicule by bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers. Most time they blog and post untrue stories about a man of God just because they want to make money out of the false story/news. They forgot that a pastor is someone’s spouse and they have children. How will the children feel when they read negative things about their father or mother in the internet.

You would recall that Diaspora Reporters was the first blog to report the news and it was stated that the man of God was gifted with the private jet.

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