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Pictures From Olumo Rock Tourist Centre In Abeokuta

So I decided to visit the popular Olumo Rock and it was truly a beauty to behold. It is one of the oldest and most popular tourist attraction in Nigeria. It is located in Abeokuta. It has so many historical tales. It serves as a fortress for the then Egba People who used it as a safe house during the war. It was also a perfect vantage point to site incoming enemies. Olumo rock became a tourist attraction in 1976 and was renovated in 2006

gate fee is 1,000 per adult 

Enjoy the picture story

Olumo Rock Entrance 

Olumo Rock Tourist Complex

Section of the mountain

The Olumo Rock Priestess who is 135 years old

Cross Section of the city from the top of the rock

1. Fountain at the rock 

2. Restaurant at Olumo Rock 

3. Multi purpose hall at Olumo Rock

4. Section of the rock

Popular tourist sites you can sight from the top of the mountain, eg 
the first Alake Palace 
The first Mosque in Abeokuta
the first church in Nigeria

The complex and a cross section of the car park 

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