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Photos: Jos: The Sight And Sounds Of The Land Of Peace

It is not every time we talk about the killings and all the political jargons that happen in the country, at times, we need to have a reflection on where we are and how the future will be. Most times, many get depressed when we talk and report about cars that 85% of the people can not afford, some will even be forced to ask, why are you showing me this? Despite all these, there seems to be something that unites us as a nation and that is appreciating our locality, our land! Our land is blessed with lots of amazing scenery, wonders of the world.

Nigeria is blessed with lots of human resources and endowment from fertile lands to good weather to soil that is enriched with minerals and crude oil. All these made us be the envy of nations and at times they wonder why we are not good in managing all these goodies nature has bestowed on us.

There are 37 states in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory and out of these states, only one state is referred to as a European State in Nigeria and that is Jos. Jos is the coldest and if not the only state in Nigeria that has the same weather as Europe. At an altitude of 1,217 m (3,993 ft) above sea level, Jos enjoys a more temperate climate than much of the rest of Nigeria. Average monthly temperatures range from 21–25 °C (70–77 °F), and from mid-November to late January, night-time temperatures drop as low as 11 °C (52 °F). Hail sometimes falls during the rainy season because of the cooler temperatures at high altitudes. These cooler temperatures have, from colonial times until the present day, made Jos a favourite holiday location for both tourists and expatriates based in Nigeria.

According to Wikipedia, Jos is a city in the Middle Belt of Nigeria. The city has a population of about 900,000 residents based on the 2006 census. Popularly called “J-Town”, it is the administrative capital of Plateau State. The city is located on the Jos Plateau at about 1,238 metres or 4,062 feet above sea level. During British colonial rule, Jos was an important centre for tin mining and now it has become the trading hub in the state as commercial activities are steadily on the rise.

Jos has been in the news lately due to the killings that many believed to be from the herdsmen, the once peaceful city is now living in fear and panic. We understand that both the state and federal government are working together to find lasting peace.

AutoReportNG decided to take a break from the cars that most people cannot afford and take a break from the international scene, we decided to promote what makes us unique and what makes our environment special from the Western world. It is of a truth that we need to up our games to catch up with times else, we live in the facade. We did some digging about the city of Jos, and we are amazed at the beauty of nature, the sights, and sounds, the serene, the calmness of the lake, the wonders of nature and lots. Some of the interesting places to visit are Shere Hills, Jos wildlife park, Wase Rock, Kura Falls, Assop Waterfall which is a combination of rocks and waterfall, Solomon Lar Amusement Park and some local places that are very interesting.

The city also has some foods that are mouthwatering and highly irresistible to any visitor from kuli kuli to potato chips to dakwa, balewa, fura, the list goes on. The land is blessed with fruits that you are likely not to find anywhere, for example, the strawberries are supplies and sell cheap in this place, same goes to the carrots, lettuce, cabbage, etc

Jos has surprisingly maintained its status as a tourist destination as you can see many white folks in this place. One way the state government has to liven up the city is through the Jos Carnival!

These are some of the images we have for you. These images were taken online and from travel blogs.

Editorial Note:

We have tons of amazing images but we need to be mindful of others who have few data but if you need to see more, kindly check the source for more breath-taking of the city of Jos

Image Credit:, WeJosRock, Google Images, Jumia Travel, Twitter

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