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_Part i_

{The Cry}  

Our hearts are weak and weary 

We feel pains and anguish  

Deep within we are dry and empty  

In a dry and thirsty land our souls groan and cry for Your salvation 

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Help us, eternal rock of ages 

Help us, our rock and salvation 

Help us, come fill this void within us 

Help us, come quicken us 

Help us, come purge us of our infirmities and iniquities 

Our hearts groan 

Our souls cry 

Our hearts moan 

Our souls long for You 

In a dry and thirsty land, our souls pant for You 

With our hearts overwhelmed, we long that You take us to The Rock that is higher than us In the deepest blackness of darkness, our souls bewail for You Even in the depth of depths, our souls gripe for You

 All we need is You 

All we want is You 

You are our passion 

You are our desire 

Indeed, You are our God 


We long to see your face 

We long to know You more and more 

We long for Your mercy 

We long for Your grace 

O how we long to see you 

Come quench this thirst of our souls 

Come quench this thirst of our souls 

Come fill this hunger within us 

Come feed our souls OLord 

Take us into the “holy of holies” 

Slay us, O slay us on the alter 

Kill our flesh, break our desires 

O Your righteousness we long for 

In sin were we conceived  

Indeed in sin were we birthed 

In sin you found us 

Now in your mercy and grace we live 


Your Grace brought us hitherto 

Your Mercy found us 

Your Grace helps us 

Your Mercy keeps us 

Yea Your Grace and Your Mercy 

Our souls do not cease to bless You 

You who daily bestow upon us benefits 

You who forgive our iniquities 

You who heal our diseases 

You who redeem our lives from destruction 

Our souls rejoice and are exceedingly glad in You 

You who crown us with loving kindness and tender mercies 

You who satisfy our mouths with good things 

You who redeem our youth like the eagle’s… 

~shalom daniel~

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