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Corpers Protest Against Unsolicited Debits By Access Bank

Some Nigerian youth corpers have gone to protest against unsolicited debits from their account by Access Bank Plc.

This came after a Nigerian went to their page to complain on the customer care slow response rate and how they held his sum of N38,000 for 6 days and are yet to deposit the money to his account.

A youth corper, Bolarinwa Olabisi who has since been complaining about the unsolicited debits by Access Bank, wrote:

“Dear access bank, The entire Nigeria NYSC corp members is using this medium to plead to the management of ACCESSBANK OF NIGERIA and requesting for fair justice from you regarding the nysc account we’re force to open with you ….#STOP DEBITING US… the little money government is paying us is very small to the stress and struggle we’re facing currently serving but you keep debiting our accounts for no truthful reasons, Many of us don’t have ATM but you keep debiting our accounts (it’s not a nice policy)…we are using the medium to write to the management to please see to this issue and stop debiting our account with unnecessary charges…we believe you’re once a corper and you should know how we feel. The entire nysc corp member is pleading to you before it goes out of hand other banks don’t have issues with Corps member nor did they charge them for no reason. please SAVE NIGERIA CORPERS WE ARE BROKE.*
#Stopdebitingus #weareservingthecountry

It didn’t end there as other bittered youth corpers joined the protest. Emeka Uchendu who confirmed the unsolicited debit carried out by Access Bank on his account said:

“that’s why you people keep eating up the little pay to corp members with your reckless and unnecessary charges

Another user, Joe April tagged them cooperate thieves in his comment:

#corporateThieves.. my own is that they shouldn’t start deducting mine when I start receiving the money… Deducting people’s sweat unnecessarily and be using it to sponsor events etc..i carry nyash up for una

As it stands, some customers are threatening to move their money to other banks for safety.


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