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“Side Chicks Will Always Be Side Chicks”

Side chick will always be the side chick

As shared by an online user:

A woman’s worst enemy is herself not a man, not her friend but her own good self.
You are the reason why you are the side chick.
You meet a guy , he tells you that he is in a relationship, why is that not an immediate deterrent? You persist, he tells you that he is not looking for something serious and he wants to just have fun. You accept this and declare that is exactly what you are also looking for. So why do you get upset when days go by and he does not call? Why are repeatedly texting him, calling him getting your friends to call him if it’s not a serious thing? Why are you expecting him to be emotionally available when he made it clear he was not looking for anything.

A man tells a woman he does not want a child what does the woman do she gets pregnant despite telling him she is taking oral contraceptives, she was lying. A child does not make a relationship if there was nothing there in the first place. A child is not going to make him stay. Using a child as leverage benefits no one. Why are you disappointed when he leaves you or disappears altogether? A condom does not factor because you like it raw? How many more abortions are you going to have? Every guy you have dated you have had at least 2 abortions for and when some unfortunate man does marry you will he ever find out about the unmarked graves that litter the land behind your parents home?

He is married and you compete with his wife to have children because somehow you have convinced yourself he will leave her. Fifteen years later you are still the side chick. If he dies tomorrow the wife gets everything and what will you be left with? hungry mouths and memory of the sex you had together? What example are you setting for your daughters and sons? It’s ok to accept scraps as long as those scraps come with Naira? And for your sons as long you give her money a woman is yours to do as you please?

Why are you disappointed that he never does anything with you, introduces you as his “friend” and shows you no commitment when from the very beginning his position was clear? He told you what he wanted so what’s changed now?

What about when there is three of you? The wife , the situations and the problem.
The situation was created because he met you and told you “his situation” is complicated and he is not for a girlfriend and you accepted it and told him you were happy to help him solve his situation. But then you wanted more, so a baby came along. How has that helped the situation? It hasn’t because he then meets another woman and tells her his problems in a warped attempt to help she now becomes his problem.

All three of you know of each other’s existence and the first side chick is quite disconcerting to the third woman. There is no hierarchy; both of you are side chicks because the fact of the matter is- men like that never leave their wives. Why should he when the doors are always open when he comes calling?!

If a man in genuinely not happy, he will leave with the full knowledge of the person he is with. Being the reason why a couple have marital strife especially if you are aware of his situation tends not to end well. Because if the side chick becomes the wife all of a sudden, all she sees around her are side chicks trying to steal her man. The conscience of the guilty tends to border on paranoia and quite rightly so… when a man marries his side chick, vacancy is created.

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