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“Any Politician That Uses ‘O Sha Pra Pra’ For Campaign Is A Scammer!” – OAP Prince Ayodele Brown Akande HRMA {AY Nigeria}

Rotor Koncepts caught up with Voice FM OAP, Prince Ayodele Brown Akande HRMA who is also known as AY Nigeria after he stated on his social media page that ANY POLITICIAN THAT USES “O SHA PRA PRA” FOR CAMPAIGN IS A SCAMMER!

Below is the excerpt from the interview.


Rotor Koncepts: Good day sir

AY Nigeria: Good day sir

Rotor Koncepts: You said that any politician that uses ‘o sha pra pra’ for campaign is a scammer.

How sir?

AY Nigeria: I believe an election is a serious matter. It involves huge numbers, of either cash or even electorates.

An election determines the fate of a people for a dispensation. I don’t think that’s a joke at all. It’s not even entertaining in any way.  So, I find it rather denigrating for any politician to adopt such a slogan for such a serious business. It’s simply making mockery of your own ambition. Telling us you’re a joke.

Rotor Koncepts: But sir, are you insinuating that anyone with a political ambition should not be humorous?

AY Nigeria: Humor is relative to personality.

Some people are funny naturally, while others just smile at funny things; some don’t anyways. And I don’t advocate a change if attitude for a leadership course.

My emphasis is on campaign slogans, i. e what people would tag you.

So, the question is, “Is ‘o sha pra pra’ a relatively ideal slang for such a noble course?”

Rotor Koncepts: But, does using such slang affect the delivery of any contestant?

AY Nigeria: By delivery, do you mean performance in government if elected?

Rotor Koncepts: Yes sir

AY Nigeria: Of course.

The way to read the mind it through the mouth. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.

Rotor Koncepts: So, you mean political contestants that use such slangs turn out to trivialize their eventual positions?

AY Nigeria: Absolutely.

In fact, I extend the shame to the head and members of the media team of such contestant.

I wonder how you sell a governorship aspirant by such a joke!

Rotor Koncepts: In essence, do you imply that someone who poses seriousness during political campaign will DEFINITELY perform well (up to expectation) in government?

AY Nigeria: All I’m saying it that, your campaign slogan shouldn’t be anything that’s denigratory, whether popular or not.

Your campaign slogan should make sense. Be educatively catchy and sell your personality in a positive light.

Rotor Koncepts: OK. By inference, are you concluding that HUMOR is not allowed in political campaigns or government?

AY Nigeria: Not at all.

Again, my emphasis is on campaign slogans

Rotor Koncepts: Considering the proletariat and the structure of the Nigerian society, don’t you think it’s the “trendings” that should be best used to get the proletariat’s attention?

AY Nigeria: There are other noble “trendings”. In fact, intellectual trendings.

What’s wrong with employing those trends to use?

Rotor Koncepts: But sir, what makes “o sha pra pra” ignoble?

AY Nigeria: Please let’s do a street sampling of opinions on this slang.

What spheres are these slangs used?

Who uses them? Nobles?

Rotor Koncepts: Do you imply that the people who are not nobles are to be sidelined when it comes to politics? Are politicians and politics in general not also meant for the non-nobles?

AY Nigeria: Governance is a noble course.

Everyone has some degree of nobility in them.

Rotor Koncepts: “Everyone”, as in the proletariat or the politicians?

AY Nigeria: Everyone

Rotor Koncepts: What would you say of the two controversial politicians; “The Dancing Senator”, Ademola Adeleke and “The Singing Senator”, Dino Melaye?

AY Nigeria: As long as they don’t do this in the legislative house.

What they do outside is their personal business.

However, as faces of comedy in the legislative arm of government, they constantly ease our national stress.

Rotor Koncepts: That’s quite comical. So, you ultimately agree that the place of humor SHOULD NOT be ruled out, don’t you?

AY Nigeria: Yes, humor that appeals to common sense

Rotor Koncepts: Do you mean dancing (in the case of Senator Ademola Adeleke) and singing (in the case of Senator Dino Milaye) should never be equated with the use of words like “o sha pra pra”?

AY Nigeria: They are all the same

Rotor Koncepts: Do you mean that they are equal?

AY Nigeria: All the same bunch of crap!

Rotor Koncepts: What do you have to say of the newly established Youth Political party?

AY Nigeria: It feels good for me.

But what we need to understand that these parties will relapse into the same old crap if people with new ideas don’t food these parties.

Rotor Koncepts: Don’t you think having youths in political offices will not be productive enough?

Because the place of MATURITY and EXPERIENCE can never be underrated.

AY Nigeria: The same issue is always raised when it comes to the market place.

However, how do we get experience when we’ve not been given the opportunity?

You see, many of these youths have been in the pipeline.

I insist that as long as no one teaches a child to suck a breast, youths have the latent ability to take up political positions.

Rotor Koncepts: Do you mean that a trial should be, at least, given?

AY Nigeria: Yes, “at least”.

Rotor Koncepts: Thanks so much for your time sir. We really appreciate you.

AY Nigeria: Anytime sir.

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