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”How I Won My Battle Against Yahoo Boys And Lessons I Learnt From It”

For everyone out there who is fond of praising yahoo boys or saying things like “they’re just trying to recover our stolen wealth from white people”, I pity you and pray you never fall victim to a yahoo boy in your life because that’s when you will feel the gravity of pain and agony those guys have inflicted on innocent unsuspecting victims.

They are scavengers and ready to scam anyone who falls into their fraudulent schemes whether white man or black man, old or young, rich or poor, educated or illiterate. No one is completely safe and immune to the activities of yahoo boys and they keep innovating new strategies to defraud people of their hard earned money.

They have ruined lives, destroyed homes, inflicted pains and severely tainted our image as a country. Deny legitimate hard working people many opportunities because the world has lost trust in anyone called a Nigerian. It breaks my heart to hear people asking why law enforcement officers are arresting these people and I ask such people. “Is it until they scam your father of his retirement savings that you will condemn this evil that has so plagued our country and tarnished our image in the worst possible way?”

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